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Cacao…. You mean chocolate? Is the response I often get when I talk about Cacao ceremonies. Chocolate yes, but in it's purest, unadulterated form, the raw essence of cacao. there is a deep explanation for why we all love chocolate so much.... in it's pure unadulterated form, cacao is actually a plant medicine.

 Ceremonial cacao is a plant medicine that was first drunk by the Mayans thousand of years ago as a way of communicating with their gods. Its active ingredient, ’Theobromine”, is translated as ‘Food of the Gods’. Read more about Cacao and the science behind its benefits here. 


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What's more, the Mayans had a prophesy about Cacao…. That it would spread around the world at a time when people’s hearts had closed, and it would come as a tool to guide them to open them. In our modern society, so short on time, we rarely get the time to really honour and process the heart-aches, grief and loss that inevitably befalls us. Sometimes its easier to just armour up and soldier on. But the result is we can be left feeling numb, and discounted from our heart - which is also our greatest gift.

Cacao is a gentle opener that allows you to connect with deeper parts of yourself you may have shut off. After drinking a ceremonial dose of cacao, you will lie back and slip into a deep guided meditation that may reveal part of yourself and messages. Its like a timeout from the hectic-ness of the modern world, connecting us with our ability to play, dream and be at peace in the world. While cacao is not psycho-active and it doesn’t take you out of your body, it can prompt clear vision, depending on your sensitivity to it.

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